Two Siblings, one world. What could go wrong?

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Alaska, 2016

Alaska, 2016

About Us 

This is the blog of Sam & Ian Thomas, two siblings from Sydney Australia. Join us and our antics, as we stumble through narrow back streets, open hilly tracks and cobblestone paths. This space is for us to share moments of our lives with you. 

Sam, the big little sister, is the organiser, perpetual stress head and a constant source of malaphors.  She loves all things human geography, especially when it converges with human behaviour, and evolves into a map. 

Ian,  the little big brother, is the go-with-the-flow guy, blessed (or cursed?) with an eternal optimism bias, and the funny one in the family. He is fascinated by beautiful, functional design, especially when it intersects with robotics. Full time entrepreneur, part-time student, Ian is a constant source of amusement and curiosity.